HPCA/PPoPP/CGO Excursion Timeline and
Dessert/Drinks Recommendations


4:10 Buses begin leaving for North Beach Area, San Francisco
5:45 Beach Blanket Babylon Show begins for CGO/PPoPP
HPCA folks find dinner; lots of great places on or near Columbus St.
(find your Dining Captain if you signed up for HPCA dining)
7:15 Show Ends for CGO/PPoPP, grab dinner; lots of places on or near Columbus St.
HPCA folks grab dessert or a drink
8:15-8:25 HPCA folks assemble for Beach Blanket Babylon show
10:15 Show ends for HPCA
Buses return to Marriott from Beach Blanket Babylon
678 Green Street

Past 10:15    CGO/PPoPP/HPCA Attendees can still grab drinks
but take Uber ($40 for 4 people if not surging;
use $20-off first-timer code uberhpca on the Uber app) back to the hotel.

The buses will start leaving Beach Blanket Babylon (678 Green Street) at 10:15pm. If you'd like to stay longer, taking an Uber back to the hotel should be about $40 on Uber ($20 off first-time code: uberhpca), as long as you wait for a time that is not surging.

Hotel Address:       San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront Hotel
1800 Old Bayshore Highway
Burlingame California 94010 USA

Vesuvio is the most interesting and historical bar.
Comstock is probably the most quintessentially San Franciscan.
Roka is the most swanky and has great appetizers. -- Prof. Taylor GC HPCA

Prof Taylor's Dessert/Coffee Recs Prof Taylor's Bar Recs