Sensors to Cloud Architectures Workshop (SCAW-2015)

February 8th 2015


San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront (Newport Room)

Bay Area, California, USA
Held in conjunction with HPCA-21

Call for papers (pdf): (Click here)

Workshop Final Program (Click here)


Organizing Chairs:

Ramesh Illikkal Intel

Ravi Iyer Intel

Pei Zhang Carnegie Mellon University

Christina Delimitrou Stanford University



The computer industry is witnessing a major inflection point Internet of Things that has implications from end (sensor devices) to end (cloud architectures). Many technologies contribute to this inflection point: Computing platforms are getting smaller (e.g., handheld devices, wearables), richer (e.g., image and language understanding) and broader (i.e., reaching the masses via Internet of Things). Sensors operating in constrained environments connected through intelligent gateways and cloud backend create a very complex environment for the operators, system integrators, and developers of this emerging technology. Discovering and managing sensor devices; collecting, cleaning and storing discoverable data; normalizing, aggregating and analyzing the data for insights and actions; managing the security and privacy of the data, enforcing the access privileges and trusted execution environments all these are required to make this revolution happen. The research challenges in IoT platforms are multi-fold: (a) providing rich functionality and wider power/performance range for sensor devices, (b) covering a broad range of applications that can be migrated from cloud to gateways and sensor devices, (c) enabling a scalable and modular cloud architecture that provides the required real-time and uptime capabilities and (d) providing a rich software programming environment that facilitates developing applications on end to end platforms consisting of elements ranging from sensors to gateways to cloud. The goal of this workshop is to bring together academic researchers and industry practitioners to discuss future IoT sensor-to-cloud architectures including sensors, gateways and cloud architectures.


Below is the proposed list of topics for the workshop. Topics include, but are not restricted to, the following:

         Sensors, Actuators, Gateway & Controllers Architectures

-       Architectures for wearable and IoT devices

-       Heterogeneity in cores, frequency, cache, memory

-       Power, performance, energy optimizations

-       SoCs, CPU/GPU, CPU/GPGPU architectures

-       Ultra-Low power core micro-architectures

-       Fabrics/Network-on-chip, cache/memory hierarchies

-       HW support for heterogeneity, programmability, modularity

-       Simulation/Emulation methodologies

-       Protocols and abstraction layers (MQTT, CoAP, REST, )

         Cloud Architecture

-       Data Center architectures for IoT; customization and specialization

-       Edge/Fog computing Dynamic cloud-gateway-device offloads

-       Design patterns and application programming frameworks

-       Service creation and orchestration

-       IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and DaaS

-       Deployment models - Cloud, Private, Hybrid

         Emerging Workloads and Use Cases

-       New wearable and IoT use cases and workloads

-       Speech/Image recognition and understanding, cognitive computing

-       Personal assistants, predictive/prescriptive analytics

-       Machine learning algorithms & applications, graph processing, deep neural networks

-       Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

-       Workload analysis for power/performance/energy optimization and acceleration

-       Batch, streaming and distributed analytics

-       Workload/Algorithm partitioning between heterogeneous cores and accelerators

-       Performance monitoring and simulation

         Novel Accelerator Designs

-       Specialized accelerator architectures and designs

-       Machine learning, neural network and graph processing accelerators

-       Domain-Specific programmable/configurable accelerators

-       Accelerator interfaces for programmability

-       Development environments for accelerator design


Submission Guidelines: Interested authors are encouraged to submit extended abstracts (1 - 2 pages) or short papers (6 pages) by email to the organizing chairs. The deadline for submission is December 15th, 2014. Final (short) papers will be due on Jan 23rd, 2015 and will be printed in a workshop proceedings made available to the workshop attendees.

SCAW 2015 - Final Program

9:00 AM

9:05 AM


Welcome & Workshop Introduction



9:05 AM

9:40 AM


Invited Talk/Keynote 1: No Tradeoff -
Reconciling Low Latency and High Efficiency

Christos Kozyrakis
Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Stanford University

9:40 AM

10:05 AM


Programming the Internet of Uncertain <T>hings

James Bornholt,
Na Meng1,
Todd Mytkowicz2, Kathryn S. McKinley2

University of Washington
University of Texas at Austin1
Microsoft Research2

10:05 AM

10:30 AM



10:30 AM

11:05 AM


Invited Talk/Keynote 2: 6th Sense -
Developing wearable platforms that give us insights not otherwise possible

Lakshman Krishnamurthy, Intel Fellow

Intel Corporation

11:05 AM

11:30 AM


Using a Visual Co-occurrence Network (VICONET) for Large-scale Object Classification

Brigid Smith, Siddharth Advani, Matthew Cotter, Kevin Irick1, Jack Sampson and Vijaykrishnan Narayanan

Pennsylvania State University, SiliconScapes LLC1.

11:30 AM

11:55 AM


Toward Cache-Friendly Hardware Accelerators

Yakun Sophia Shao, Sam Xi,
Viji Srinivasan1, Gu-Yeon Wei,
David Brooks

Harvard University,
IBM Research1

11:55 AM

2:00 PM


Lunch break

2:00 PM

2:35 PM


Invited Talk/Keynote 3:
Toward Platformization of the Internet of Things

Bob Iannucci
Director, Cylab Mobility Research Center
Distinguished Service Professor, ECE

Carnegie Mellon University,
Silicon Valley Campus

2:35 PM

3:00 PM


Seamless Networking Among Edge Devices and Clouds with Fog Social Virtual Networks

Renato J. Figueiredo, Saumitra Aditya,
Kyuho Jeong, Kensworth Subratie

Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Florida

3:00 PM

3:25 PM


A Cloud-based Architecture for the Internet of Things Targeting Industrial Engine Remote Monitoring

Ademir F. da Silva, Leonardo G. Azevedo, Ricardo L. Ohta, Alecio P. D. Binotto, Marcelo N. dos Santos, Vinicius C. V. B. Segura, Fabio L. Gandour

IBM Brasil Research Lab

3:25 PM

4:00 PM



4:00 PM

4:25 PM


vSensor: Toward Sensor-rich Mobile Applications

Minsung Jang, HyunJong Lee,
Ketan Bhardwaj, Karsten Schwan

School of Computer Science,
Georgia Institute of Technology

4:25 PM

4:50 PM


Extensions to Data Plane Development Kit

Manasi Deval, Jim Daubert,
Miles Penner, Venky Venkatesan

Intel Corporation


Important Dates:


Abstract/Paper submission:    December 15 2014 23:59 PST

Author Notification:          January 02 2015

Final Paper Submission:       January 23 2015

Workshop:                      February 08 2015


Call for papers (pdf): Click here

Workshop Final Program: Click here